Glasgow sits firmly in the centre of a rich and varied Life Science offer from the West of Scotland.

The area provides access to specialised facilities and expertise in drug discovery, bioinformatics, regenerative medicine, translational research, clinical trials and medical technology. The universities in the region teach nearly 22,000 students in life science subjects and produce over 5,000 first degree life science graduates per year.

The Life Sciences workstream believe the “Glasgow BioCorridor” should be developed, stretching from the BioCity development in Lanarkshire to the universities, research institutes and hospitals in Glasgow to the GlaxoSmithKline site in Irvine. The focus should be on supporting the commercial success of our Life Science community through capitalising on the support from academia and the NHS. To achieve this, we will build on the evident support and enthusiasm of the key life science players from industry, academia and the NHS who were members of the work stream.


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