As of Spring 2013, Glasgow Economic Leadership has delivered on the following Key Recommendations made by the Glasgow Economic Commission.


Recommendation 1: “That a new, private-public leadership body is established to focus economic development efforts in Glasgow…”

Glasgow Economic Leadership Board was established within months of the publication of the Commission report and had its first meeting in September 2011 and has met  quarterly since then.  It provides leadership and support to the work of partners and to the work of its five, industry-led key sector work streams.  On behalf of the city it has engaged directly with Scottish and UK Governments to further its mission to –guide, champion and support  investment in Glasgow’s economy.

Key Sectors

Recommendations 2 – 9: “That senior private-sector leaders develop key sector strategies … in Low Carbon Industries, Engineering, Life Sciences, Financial & Business Services, Tourism and Higher and Further Education.”

Glasgow Economic Leadership Group established industry-led work streams in the key sectors identified by the Glasgow Economic Commission as central to Glasgow’s future. The sectors were identified as future priorities by the Commission given their strong global demand, the strength of Glasgow’s existing assets and capabilities and their strong skills profile.

Work streams met for the first time in January 2012 and by June 2012 they had prepared and presented agreed and prioritised Action Plans to the Leadership Board.  Each Key Sector Action Plan identified the  most promising investment potential for each key sectors.

Transport & Connectivity

Recommendations 11 – 16

  • Uncertainty over Glasgow Airport was removed with the BAA choosing to sell Edinburgh Airport.
  • Work is underway between Transport Scotland, Glasgow Airport and the local authorities to identify options to improve surface access to Glasgow Airport.
  • Summary of the Glasgow Economic Commission recommendations [link:  document 4]
  • Annual update on the Glasgow Economic Leadership from Chair (April 2013) [link:  document

Innovative Funding

Recommendations 17 – 19:  “… that Glasgow’s economic development partners utilise a range of innovative funding and other mechanisms to catalyse infrastructure and private sector investment … and commends the Buchanan Quarter TIF proposal.”

  • The Scottish Government approved the £80m Buchanan Quarter Tax Increment Financing project;
  •  The City Council has taken forward a comprehensive City Centre Strategy, including work on a new statutory Traffic Management Plan;
  • With support from Glasgow Chamber of Commerce a new City Centre Retail Association has been established to champion the priorities of the retail sector as key contributor to the city economy;
  • The Chamber is leading the investigation of several area-based BIDs to support the retail / entertainment sectors.
  • Glasgow City Council is pursuing a ‘City Deal’ with the UK Government / HM Treasury to unlock significant investment opportunities to invest in the city’s future infrastructure.

Higher & Further Education

Recommendations 22- 24:

  • HFE work stream established HFE represented at a senior level in all key sector work streams;
  • HFE championing greater focus on supporting student enterprise
  • HFE championing greater focus on marketing Glasgow as an international HFE location to non-EU and English students.