Jim McDonaldGlasgow Economic Leadership has a singular focus: to help grow the Glasgow economy and create jobs and wealth in line with the recommendations[1] made by Glasgow Economic Commission in its report of July 2011.  It is this aim – to accelerate and expand the Glasgow economy – which unites the 100 plus industry, public sector and academic leaders who both drive and are well engaged with the work of the Glasgow Economic Leadership, whether as a Member of the Leadership Board itself, or as members of the Leadership’s industry-led key sector work streams.  These work streams – in Low Carbon Industries, Engineering, Life Sciences, Financial & Business Services, Tourism & Events and Higher & Further Education – were established by the Leadership Board to help take forward the sectoral recommendations made by the Glasgow Economic Commission.

It has been essential that, from the outset, the Leadership Board focusses on its principal role and responsibility – acting as a leadership body; it does not apply executive powers.  These are rightly vested in the Leadership’s economic development partners: Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise / SDI, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Skills Development Scotland.  It is the Leadership Board’s partners who support and resource the Leadership Board and its work streams and it is they who are the principal investors – alongside industry and academia – in the projects and initiatives that the Board and its work streams have identified as economic development priorities for the city’s economic growth.

Since its establishment in September 2011, the Leadership Board has worked with its partners to clarify Glasgow’s economic development priorities, helped provide focus and clarity on the principal sources of economic growth for the city and encouraged co-investment by partners, business and industry in the necessary hard and soft infrastructure required to grow the key sectors and the city’s economy as whole.

The Leadership Board is determined to position Glasgow as an “engine of growth” for the Scottish and UK economies and to be recognised as the home to great companies – large and small – great universities and colleges and great people and skills.  Glasgow’s workforce boasts some of the highest levels of graduates of any major UK city as well as high levels of apprenticeship-level skills.  Glasgow is a place of innovative and creative people working across the very widest range of industries and occupations.  It is this creativity and innovation that is the lifeblood of our future economic success.  The role of the Leadership Board is to help provide focus for our collective efforts, to attract investment to our great city and to reinforce Glasgow’s position as an influential and successful economic actor on the international stage.

Let Glasgow Flourish.


[1] Key recommendations made by the Glasgow Economic Commission and its analyses of the city’s economy